Talking Points
For Marketing/Box Office Teams

Click on each link below for its talking points

How to use these talking points: 

These document are intended to arm marketing and box office teams with in-person conversation angles to interest audience members and media contacts. Think of each document as a collection of angles for pitches to spark interest.
Each contains a variety of talking points.
Use those points that feel most appropriate for your needs — and if you need more, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

What NOT to do with these documents:

These documents are not a press release.
They are not marketing language intended for print or digital publication.
We request that you avoid using these documents as such — mainly because if this is what you need, we have tools that will do a better job for you.
For press releases and copy for season brochures/websites, please visit GME’s Presenter Toolbox, contact our publicist, Michelle Tabnick, or one of GME’s other representatives.