Guy Mendilow Ensemble
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Our school audiences were absolutely enthralled.
Around the World in Song is a wonderfully engaging, deeply musical experience. As enchanting as it is pedagogically sound, the show includes meaningful roles for the children at every turn, conveyed with an underlying respect for children as fellow people.
— Emily Laugesen, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Urbana, IL
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A Celebration of Song for Children & Families

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble opens up a world of music to children in this deeply interactive global adventure. Uplifting, funny and fun, this show starts with the premise that children deserve the respect and dignity of “real people.” With songs, stories and instruments from cultures worldwide, GME introduces children to the amazing ways people make music with their voices, bodies, and whatever else they find at-hand.

From the moment they began, the children were of the best performances I have experienced in over 26 years of education.
— Tina Monroe, Indian Creek Elementary School, Cedar Rapids IA
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“Our audience of 800 children was transfixed. I was spellbound. This is the kind of experience that can open your eyes and ears to possibilities never imagined...
I asked the children as they were leaving the theatre after the concert how the experience had been for them. It was the first time I heard unanimous appreciation.

If you are trying to open your audiences to new horizons, if you are trying to expose the arts to children or adults, if you seek a new experience for yourself, I highly recommend the Guy Mendilow Ensemble to you.”

— Chad Haight, Admiral Theatre, Bremerton WA

“What an amazing job of demonstrating that “you can make music from everything” while engaging the students for the entire hour!  All the kids were smiling as they left and I heard many comments like, ‘This was really fun!’ and ‘Best music ever!’”

— Leslee Miller, Artisans at the Dahmen Barn, Uniontown, WA (Outreach sponsored by Washington State University Performing Arts)

Guy Mendilow Ensemble’s Around the World in Song is compelling, wonderfully engaging and deeply educational.
For children, GME cultivates listening and musical skills in ways that are important and unusual, addressing contemporary social issues with tact, thoughtfulness and caring.
Their performance was an inspiring event for me as an audience member and instructor, for my graduate students (all whom are teachers and pre-service teachers), and for the hundreds of elementary school children present. Warmly and enthusiastically recommended!
— Liora Bresler, University of IL, Champaign, IL
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