Guy Mendilow Ensemble
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Ages Grades 5+
Length 60-90 minutes | Single Session  
Best for intimate classroom presentation


Through story and song, this classroom program introduces students to the richness and history of Sephardic cultures from the former Ottoman Empire.

Who are the Sephardim?

Why is the endangered Ladino language like a time capsule?

What is it about these stories that makes them live on in our imaginations,
even when they come from very different times and places?

Teaching Resources

An All-Too-Brief Introduction to Ladino (Sephardic) Song

Sephardic Field Recording Archive

Sephardic Studies at University of Washington, Seattle (including Digital Museum)

The Forgotten Kingdom — Background Booklet from the Album (pdf)

This was one of the best concerts we’ve had. Teachers and kids loved it. Guy’s crew is wonderful!
— Nina Vansuch, Sumner Boys & Girls Club Director, Roslindale, MA (Outreach sponsored by Celebrity Series of Boston)
The kids loved it! They are still talking about it!Thank you for giving our students this wonderful experience! So many of them don’t have the opportunity to attend events like this. You gave them an experience of a lifetime!
— Karen Gonzalez, Director of Community Partnerships, Hurley K-8 Afterschool Program, Boston, MA (Outreach sponsored by Celebrity Series of Boston)