Guy Mendilow Ensemble

Ages: Grades  1 - 4 (In Age Appropriate Groups) •
Length 30-45 minutes | Single Workshop or Multi-Day Residency | Class visit |
Group Size Up to 15


Dalcroze education offers a joyful, socially-interactive way of knowing music through the body.

In this joyous Dalcroze Education workshop, exciting experiential games nurture children's musicality and confidence in their own musical intuition. Discovery, active listening and a spirit of play abound as children learn vital musical concepts by using their bodies as the principal instrument. Be ready to move, sing, explore and improvise together!

Further information:

What is Dalcroze Education?

Origins of Dalcroze Education

There’s nothing that engages kids as much as showing your interest in them: that doesn’t happen as a general rule. Guy’s commitment grows out of a deep respect for the abilities, potential, and rights of kids.
— Montessori Corner, Plainsboro NJ
Guy has the ability to make an impact… he brings awe and excitement to the children…. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Guy perform and like the children, have been inspired and intrigued by what he has to share both musically and culturally.
— Mary Schofield, Bright Horizons Family Solutions World Headquarters, Watertown MA