Guy Mendilow Ensemble
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University /Teacher Training/Leadership Program 1-3 day program
Length 60-120 minute sessions | Class visit 
Group size typically max 15 | Call to discuss Your Goals
Configuration Solo
Relevant to Music Education/Music/Leadership Programs


Exciting, quickly learned improv games give powerful tools to working with others: the abilities to tune in, connect, and respond spontaneously and meaningfully to one another. These games reset ordinary power dynamics, setting up cooperative models where every voice matters.

Geared for music educators as well as classroom teachers, this experiential workshop builds team work and leadership through games in music and movement improvisation. 

Initially created for mediation organizations like Seeds of Peace, this workshop has been adapted for classrooms, choirs, theatrical casts and professional work environments.

No previous musical or movement experience required. Participants should come ready to move and play.

Listening Through the Music is grounded in principles of Dalcroze Education

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