For the student leaders, who will not sit down

My student canceled on me, for the worthiest of reasons.
He helped organize a walk-out at Somerville High on Wednesday, and expected 40 students to leave class.
400 walked out, and they were all over Boston NPR, PBS, NBC.
He canceled his lesson because he was in a media strategy session for the next walk out, next week. 

These students move me to at my core. What they are doing is a ray of inspiration in an otherwise bleak time, and they are part of a legacy of courageous young leaders who've transformed this country. Already they are making impact, from Dick's Sporting Goods ceasing to sell assault rifles to companies severing ties with the NRA. 

Now we need to help keep the fire alive and back these young leaders, in as many ways as we can. Every bit helps, and this includes art. 

And so, in an effort to help fan the flames, we post this video.  Though it was written for the Dec 2017 premiere of our newest show, Heart of the Holidays: Tales of Light, it could've been written right now for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, and so many others boldly leading right now.

I hope it will resonate with you and that you'll know others — especially young people — for whom such support will be meaningful, small as it may be. Regardless, though, let's do what we can to back them.

Thanks in advance for watching, and — if you feel it may benefit others — for sharing it on.

— Guy

Sit Down, Children.

Narration: Written and performed by Regie Gibson
Music: Trad, Arr. Kimani Lumsden and Guy Mendilow
Performed by Boston City Singers Tour Choir, Regie O'Hare Gibson, Guy Mendilow Ensemble & special guest Courtney Swain

From the show Heart of the Holidays: Tales of Light
by Guy Mendilow Ensemble with Narration by Regie Gibson
Ft. Boston City Singers Tour Choir, Artistic Director Jane Money and special guest Courtney Swain
Premiered in Boston 2017 by The Celebrity Series of Boston
Video production: David Medzorian & Daval Video Productions

Guy Mendilow