What IS sand animation?

How does sand artist Kseniya Simonova manage to coax so much emotion out of…sand??

Watch this video from the finals of America’s Got Talent: The Champions to learn more about how she casts her spell

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Guy Mendilow
A Backstage Tour of The Forgotten Kingdom (Part 7): Blinded by Hindsight: Exploring the Past’s Forgotten Kingdom and Ladino Songs to See More Deeply What We Face Today

To us, looking back with our historical hindsight, it seems almost inevitable... But to those living through this transition of ages, the course must've been anything but a foregone conclusion, a too-terrible future that few would've dared dream. I wanted to explore what it was like to see the breakdown of empires, the glimmers of hope that then evaporate. What is it like to be caught on the wrong side, in that kind of nightmare?

In what ways are we also already straddling two worlds without even knowing it? If we, or my son's generation, are destined to know two very different eras, the wake up call won't come in the form of a storm of steel like in WWI. It'll come in a modern guise...

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Paul Weiner