Custom-Built In Ear Monitor Stage Rig

Designed by Lynx Audio Services, this in-ear monitor rig includes four (4) wireless transmitters and as many as five (5) additional wired stations. It includes splitter snakes so that artists can mix their own in-ear monitors independently of front-of-house. Multi-pin connections and two stage snakes allow for quick set-up. All settings are stored digitally, making it easy to recall your set-up, virtually eliminating the need for monitor checks before each show. 

I commissioned Rob Spence with Lynx Audio Audio Services to build this rig for the Guy Mendilow Ensemble when we played many festivals that allowed only line-checks, no full sound checks. With the broad dynamic range of this ensemble, coupled with many instruments, this was a recipe for great stress.  I wanted to make sure we could hear each other well on stage, and that set-up time would be minimal.

Since then, the Ensemble transitioned to performing almost exclusively in performing arts centers and halls where sound checks are provided, and so we no longer use it. I'd like to find a good home for this system.

I invested approximately $9.5K in building this. Sale price is negotiable. Please write to me at to make an offer. 

Custom IEM Components

  • 1 X Yamaha 01v96 Digital Mixer w/On-Board Effects
  • 4 X  Shure Psm 600 Transmitters (1/2 Rack Space Each)
  • Transmitter  P6T
  • 1 X PA 821 PSM Antenna Combiner
  • 4 X Proco Ms42a - Two Way Splitter Racks With 4 Channels 
  • 1 X Behringer Ultragain Pro-8 Mic Preamp/Converter (19" X 8 1/2" X 1 3/4")
  • 1 X  Pro Co16 Channel Snake — Multipin— With Fan Coming Out Of Our Splitters And Going To Stage Foh Connection
  • 2 X Whirlwind Mini12 Each With W1 Disconnects
  • 5 Westone Um2 Earbuds
  • C12u-P-22 Ewi Tourcase 12-Space 22" Rack Depth Amp/Mixer Combo Rack Road Case, 3 Lids, 3/8" Plywood, Abs Laminate, Recessed Hardware
  •  8x Mp-106-5 5 Ft. Ewi Starline Mxlr X Trs Adaptor Cable
  • 16 X Slfrm-10 10 Ft. Ewi Starline Right Angle Mxlr Mic/Patch Cable
  •  20x Nc3mrx Neutrik 90 Degree Multi-Position Mxlr Cord End, Nickel Silver
  • 8x Nc3frx Neutrik 90 Degree Multi-Position Fxlr Cord End, Nickel Silver
  • Design: Lynx Audio Services 

Also Available:

  • Folding ramp to load in/out of van, stage and venue