Boston Museum of Fine Arts to Premiere InWorlds, A New Virtual Reality Theatre Performance

Guy Mendilow and Chris Baum recently created the music for a new Virtual Reality installation/theatre performance, to premiere at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on December 14. 

InWorlds Premieres at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

This experimental performance invites a volunteer into virtual reality to become a character in a live theater show. They enter a mysterious world to help a brave and curious creature make sense of a tragedy. With its unique “mixed reality” presentation, InWorlds lets the audience peer directly into a VR world by covering the entire stage with projected visuals.

The audience (and volunteer!) will go on a 15-minute journey through fantastical worlds in a first-of-its-kind interaction between a live actor and virtual reality participant. Avital Manor-Peleg brings her brilliant masked performance to the stage alongside the volunteer, exploring new forms of social interaction by combining improvisational theater and VR. The project aims to demonstrate how VR can transform participants into performers.